‎The Nothing

‎The Nothing

After being in lockdown for such a long time, I find myself repeatedly coming back to one my favourite childhood movies. The NeverEnding Story.

And the Nothing… 

The Nothing is the main antagonist of The NeverEnding Story. It is a power which destroys Fantastica bit by bit; little by little, piece by piece. It absorbs everything. But, in truth, the Nothing is the result of people no longer believing in the world of fantasy – without their belief, the world of fantasy is disappearing and it is leaving nothing behind.

Covid 19 – Pandemic. Panic, adrenaline, denial. 

Delta wave - No escape, real deal, long haul.

The Nothing. 

Even though we’re all at home, the hard stuff remains. Work, but 10 times harder. On Zoom all the while still looking after kids, cooking, cleaning, home-schooling, bill paying.

The joy stuff is gone. Social events, arts, music, culture, beaches, parks, family, friends. 

The things we look forward to; school productions, school fairs, Christmas holidays, markets, Easter, concerts in the park, communities, connections, birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, baby births. Even the unthinkable, like a death of someone close, made bearable only by the comfort of loved ones. To share, to eat, to grieve. Gone.

It’s not just that we can’t do it, it’s that we don’t know when we will be able to and when we can, finally, what that will it look like? It’s the unknown that is so scary

As of now we have nothing to look forward to. All the Netflix has been binged, all the baking eaten, the drinks drunk. The novelty is definitely over. All we want is our normal… but we can’t have it.

So let’s get busy sussing out how to thrive in this new order of things.

We may have been feeling down, we may have put on some weight. Perhaps, those few extra kilos cushioned the fall and hopefully the bounce back will be great.

With most of the joy stuff gone, along with our usual coping mechanisms, we cannot succumb to the hard stuff, the Nothing. We have to find purpose, find our ‘why’. We have to actively fund our own joy, manufacture energy. We have to create hope! 

At Moments with Love, this is our joy, our passion. Creating this business and these gifts, designing packages that bring joy and well-being has given us purpose.

Knowing we are able to share in your moments is our why.                 


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