What we do

Hello and welcome, our family creates high quality gift boxes with a twist. Our mission is to provide you with an experience that will bring joy and create treasured memories as you enjoy a moment of love of your own.  

Each box is carefully curated to feature something to wear, something to do, and something delicious to eat & drink. Many of them include incredible body and bath products & handmade items crafted by our family. Our boxes also feature products from companies supporting people with disabilities. We have partnered with leading kiwi social enterprise companies supporting people with disabilities to bring you the highest quality of award-winning products.

The Moments with Love team

“I have had a dream for years to create a way for people that love each other to connect make memories and share moments. Way more than buying stuff, it's about doing things with the people you love, bringing in the disability side is important to me as my mother has Muscular Dystrophy which has resulted in her using a wheelchair, I have grown up around disability all my life, I always wanted to find a way to support the community I just didn’t know how. Now I know I've found my how” Molly Love 20 “When I watched Molly's passion for this concept pull her out of anxiety & depression I knew it was something special. When she asked me how we could work with the disability community I was hooked.