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Charity Tea

Charity Tea Tin - Goodnight

Charity Tea Tin - Goodnight

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With every tin sold a child in need gets a hot meal 

Goodnight Sleep Tea

Ease yourself into a tranquil sleep with our best-selling Goodnight Sleep Tea. Made with organically grown ingredients from New Zealand, this soothing herbal blend can help you drift off into a good night’s sleep. 

Delicately selected, Goodnight Sleep Tea contains renowned herbal ingredients for sleep including dried lavender and chamomile flowers. Along with valerian and lemon balm, this herbal tea for sleep can also help to support hormones and reduce inflammation. 

Goodnight Sleep Tea is available in our elegant Charity Tea™ Signature Black and Gold Tin, and as a refill pack. Each purchase contains approximately 15–20 servings of loose leaf tea (18g net weight).  Currently not available in tea bags.

Organically grown ingredients 

Enjoy this tea as your final cup of the day before easing off into a restful sleep. Completely caffeine-free, the heavenly ingredients will help you shake off your day and invite a space of peace and calm before bedtime.  

Goodnight Sleep Tea contains the following herbs: 

  • Valerian
  • Lemon balm
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
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