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Charity Tea

Charity Tea Tin - She Tea

Charity Tea Tin - She Tea

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With every tin sold a child in need gets a hot meal 

She Tea for Hormone Health

She Tea is the perfect go-to women’s tea for hormonal imbalances and those times when you need a quick and reassuring remedy. 

Enjoy the soothing infusion of peppermint, raspberry leaf, calendula and ladies mantle, along with chasteberry and ginger root. These queens of medicinal plants are said to balance hormones, boost immunity and even ease skin complaints, irritability and breast pain. 

She Tea for Hormone Health is available in our elegant Charity Tea™ Signature Black and Gold Tin, and as a refill pack. Each purchase contains approximately 15–20 servings of loose leaf tea (22g net weight).  Currently not available in tea bags.

Organically grown ingredients 

All ingredients in She Tea for Hormone Health are organically grown on the rich pastures of New Zealand. They have each been carefully selected with women and teenage girls in mind to ease and support healthy hormones. 

This special herbal tea for women contains: 

  • Peppermint
  • Raspberry leaves
  • Ladies mantle
  • Chastberry (vitex)
  • Calendula
  • Ginger root

Please note, the raspberry leaves in this herbal blend are carefully rubbed during the drying process to stop them from crumbling. It’s a special drying technique that helps hold these delicate leaves together, although it may cause them to look slightly clumped in the tea blend. Rest assured, this process helps you get the most out of each and every cup. 

How to brew loose leaf teas

Add one or two pinches, or one teaspoon, of this herbal tea for women to a strainer. Brew in a cup of boiling water for five minutes. Remove the strainer and enjoy.

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