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Hot Cocoa Bomb Kit

Hot Cocoa Bomb Kit

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This is a DIY kit containing everything you need to make hot cocoa bombs. Very popular on youtube & tik Tok. When you pour hot milk over the bomb the milk melts the chocolate to reveal inside hot cocoa powder & the marshmellows float to the top. They are super cool. 

To the best of our knowledge we are the only people in NZ selling these kits, we hand make them up ourselves !

The kits are hours of fun for young and old alike to create and make. 

Kit includes. 

1. A reusable silicone mould to create the chocolate spheres

2. Bag of white chocolate

3. Bag of milk chocolate

4. Bag of mini Marshmellows

5. Two piping bags to decorate your spheres

6. Custom sprinkles sets to decorate.

7. A bag of quality hot coco powder

8. Step by Step instructions with pictures how to make. 

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