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Nectar - Mums Bath Bag

Nectar - Mums Bath Bag

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In our house, everything can be fixed with a cup of tea and warm bath. Baths provide mindfulness and relaxation as there is really NOTHING else you can do at the same time except bathe! It’s your time to slow down and decompress and clear the mind.

Our new Bath Bags adds a sense of luxury to your baths.

Organic, safe botanicals combined with soothing powders and salts will help you relax with fragrance of healing flowers and soothing properties of the oatmeal and coconut cream. Not to mention the magnesium boost from the epsom salts to ease aches, pains and cramps.

Drop a bag in a warm bath (but not too hot!) and let steep for a minute or two just like a tea bag.

Add yourself and soak as long as you like!

100% Non-toxic and safe for pregnancy.

All packaging including bags are bidodegradable and compostable.

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